Residential Heating & Air Conditioning

Residential Heating & Air Conditioning Services

Controlled Temperatures, Inc. provides 24-hour service for homeowners and businesses. Our radio dispatched trucks are well equipped to get your system up and running. Our technicians are factory trained and are fully qualified to provide you with quick and efficient service.

Are you currently thinking of replacing your system?

Maybe you want a conversion to a more efficient alternative or fuel source?

Would you like more comfort in your home?

Would you like to take advantage of tax credits and utility rebates to maximize your investment?

Whether it is GAS, OIL, ELECTRIC or GEOTHERMAL we can help!
We have a professional and knowledgeable sales team to come to your home within your schedule to give you a complete design consultation, COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.

We can perform a complete load calculation if necessary, propose multiple alternatives and options to provide a system that will fit your budget and application.

Our sales team came out of the field, with hands on knowledge of all aspects of the industry.

Our Sales team can provide you with all the latest accessories, or “bells and whistles” to add to your current or newly installed system.

 Whole House Humidifiers, Whole House Dehumidifiers, Programmable Thermostats, Wifi Thermostats (would you like to control your home from your Iphone?), Trane CleanEffects Air Purification Systems, Electronic Air Cleaners, Red Link Wireless Thermostats, Prestige High Definition Thermostats, Ultraviolet Light Systems, Media Filters, Zoning Systems, Wireless Red Link Zoning Systems, Trane Integrated Zoning, Honeywell IAQ.
Thinking of adding a new accessory to your system?

Looking for more comfort?

Want more flexible control of your system?

Do you have humidity issues?

Looking for cleaner air in your home?

Do you have a unique application?

Have you called around and gotten a blank stare or a “sorry we do not do that”?
Chances are we can help. With hundreds of years of combined experience in the trade we have seen it or done it in the past and present. Call us today to find out, we guarantee we will know what to do, or direct you to someone who can help.


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